Peg Leg Porker Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Peg Leg Porker Spirits | Nashville TN 90 Proof | Aged 8 Years

Nose: A smoky richness at the start, reminds me of sweet and peppery BBQ sauce minus the vinegar. A lot of vanilla is the transition with that lingering bit of pepper along with some grassy and earthy notes.

Palate: Lots of sweet corn on the front with some obvious smoke minus the peat, fiery in the middle with some cinnamon and cherry, transitioning to an interesting mix of bacon and maple.

Finish: Medium with a peppery kick and a bit of peanut, pecan, and tobacco at the end.

Score: 4 out of 5 Boozysnacks.

George Dickel Barrel Select

Carey Bringle

Blanton Obituary

Carey Bringle, the man behind Peg Leg Porker, a Nashville BBQ restaurant as well as Peg Leg bourbon released this wonderful whiskey in 2016. After a sip or two you can definitely taste the BBQ inspiration behind it and you suddenly have a craving for the cuisine. This signature flavor has a certain charm to it, much like man.

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Bringle won a hard-fought battle with Osteogenic Sarcoma, which cost him his right leg but brought the pitmaster a renewed outlook on life. His positive energy has given BBQ and bourbon fans not only great food but great whiskey. Cheers to this American original who has shared his love of great food and a great spirit with all of us.